My Mission

Get Some Clarity!

If you would like more information, contact me to schedule a complimentary Clarity Session.  We will explore where you are right now, and get clear on where you want to be.  I will then be able to make a recommendation for you.  When we have clarity, it helps us take strategic action in our lives!


"​Coach Jenny’s kind and understanding assistance has led me to move beyond my immobility.  I found a new job and lost 20 lbs.  I am in a financial position to purchase a home again.  I even started to date again!  Thank Jenny!  Your gentle encouragement has given me the confidence to jump back in my life in full force." ~ C. K.

"I really enjoyed our session this afternoon. You're a good listener and you caused me to bring up a lot of old memories that have not served me well. I now have hope of breaking through! Thank you." ~ C.N.

"Thank you for your service.  Your coaching skills are spot on.  I feel heard without judgement.  The tapping exercise verbiage is helping me view my story differently.  And, I really got a lot out of the IN-Vision exercise.  I have been very pleasantly surprised. Thank you for that!" ~ L.Z.​​

To show dedicated and hardworking professionals, who are feeling stuck and struggling with self sabotage and financial stress, how to uncover and clear hidden inner blocks to money and success, so they turbo charge their income, eliminate debt and live with purpose and PASSION!!!

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Lighter Life Coaching with Jenny L. Hughes